Global Game Jam 2019

Join Hermie the Hermit Crab and his adventure to collect colourful items to make his home beautiful. Be careful of the water so you don't get swept out to sea!


WASD or Arrow Keys to move around the beach and collect items

Space Bar to hide from waves

Development Team

Addie Anderson - Audio & Artwork

Bryan Learn - Programming

Ian Cantor - Programming

Michael Springer - Programming

Nate Robinson - Artwork

Extra Credits

Special thanks to the Godot development team and community - without them this game would not be possible.

Special thanks to Kerrie Lake for her Island-Joy-16 palette

Good Neighbors font by Clint Bellanger

Futile Pro font by Somepx



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So charming!


Excellent work, all!


I absolutely adore this game! From the music to the visuals to the tiny sound Hermie makes as he goes back into his shell, everything works so well together.